2022 Ontario Election: 3 (Unrealistic) Dream Scenarios

2022 Ontario Election: 3 (Unrealistic) Dream Scenarios


Based 4th slide


ah yes, stephen del duca, premier in waiting


Stephen Del Duca is the ideal Liberal leader if you think the main problem with Wynne was that she's a gay woman and nothing else.


3 highly unrealistic (but theoretically possible based on recent polling) scenarios: the dream scenario for each of Ontario's major parties in next year's election. My main reference was 338 Canada (I didn't just carbon copy them) and credit for the base map goes to [this article](http://teddyonpolitics.blogspot.com/2018/06/). PCPO Dream: Ford somehow manages to do an amazing job with the tail end of vaccine distribution and begins a new honeymoon/rally to the flag period with Ontarians. He largely holds on to his votes from the previous election and Ford Nation turns out in droves for the PCs. The Liberals and NDP have a near-perfect vote split resulting in many PC victories with low 30s vote percentages (FPTP moment). They pick up tons of seats in the GTA and make respectable gains across the remainder of the province where they already did well in 2018. ONDP Dream: The anti-Ford vote consolidates around the NDP. Modest gains in Toronto and the GTA, and surprising pickups in rural ridings where the PCs are unable to reach more than 40% of the vote this time around. The Liberals miraculously fail to gain back party status, falling 1 seat short of the 12 seat threshold. OLP Dream: The anti-Ford vote consolidates around ~~Eggman~~ Steven Del Duca and the OLP. Basically all of the GTA flips back to the Liberals in a drastic reversal of the 2018 election. They make modest gains in rural areas as well. If you have any questions, comments, or constructive criticism, ask away!


What the hell, you forgot the most likely scenario, green landslide!😡😡🤬


Even more likely scenario: Lord-Emperor Dalton McGuinty is returned to the throne and all is well atast


Doug Ford should just be crowned king of Ontario