Men are gross

Men are gross


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He liked being able to be stinky? 🤢 Girl, throw the whole man out.


Please tell me he's an ex. So gross that he misses that you were sick from a deadly virus just so he can stop showering 🤮


It took me a while to process after I posted this because I realized that I still have a knee-jerk reaction to make up excuses for him and let things slide because there are so many things and I’m tired. Tired of teaching and having to reason and argue with him to get through to him and help him change


I'd not be able to bring myself to touch his dick ever again after hearing that. Please throw the entire man out. He can be stinky in the streets. By himself. Literally better off with cats in 90% of cases. Those actually like to be clean and groom themselves.


Sex after showers only. I don’t want to be gagging out of disgust. But I completely agree that cats are almost always better than men. They’re so pure and indoor cats always smell good


>Also, my partner has remarked multiple times that he misses when I couldn’t smell during covid because he liked being able to be stinky. I hate this. I can't take this seriously.


I have an ex (so close to being a HVM but he ultimately failed...). He peed sitting down whenever possible because he didn't want to run the risk if getting pee outside the bowl and because he found it easier to shake out those last drips. He also always washed his hands, with water and soap. He also always cleaned thoroughly with a bidet (we have them out here in Malaysia...spay gun attached at the toilet) after his business. And he kept his body fit and very well groomed (almost too much; I like a little chest hair TBH but he waxed). He kept the house clean, he loved to cook delicious healthy meals and he was drop dead gorgeous. I appreciated this so much. That is the standard for men's personal care and domestic behavior moving forward for me. It should be normal for men to behave this way.


It 👏 should 👏 be 👏 normal! 👏


I’m huge on hygiene and cleanliness. It’s actually a dealbreaker for me


I hope that’s an ex partner and that you got some shots 💉


The man vaccine is still under development, sadly.






Ah yes. There goes the last lingering thread of my heterosexuality




Why would anyone want to be unhygienic and stink if not for the sake of themselves?? Even if the guy is single like don’t you feel gross???


Men don’t have self-love, only narcissism, that’s why


Yeah I don’t get this, outside the context of mental illness, how can one be tolerant of stinking?? I can’t go more than 12 hours without freshening up my bits n pieces, and that’s if it’s not hot and sweaty weather. Then it’s more often.


I dated a guy like this, and when asked about those spots, he said he didn’t want to “waste the toilet paper.” Dude, you fucking used the bathroom. Wtf do you think it’s even for then?


That's funny cuse if you go on some sub reddits with men they'll say that that if you get a woman you'll be spending a hell of a lot more money on toilet paper. At first I didn't understand but now I know that it because they don't use it nor wipe properly when they do. Toilet paper for men is basically decoration 🤮


Ew it would take like one or two squares. Like wtf


Men are so cheap it's embarrassing 🙄


Not-so-fun facts: Men's urinals don't have toilet paper. Most men use the urinals when they need to pee.


Where I'm from, both men and women use bidets. So I'm over here learning that people just use toilet paper and some men just pee and zip up their pants??? Imagine the smell! Hygiene is a huge deal-breaker for me.


Then they for real want you to put your mouth on their dick! Un fucking believable.


Seriously, I have baby wipes at home because ew.


But bidets turn men gay!


Yuck 🤢 my boyfriend complained that I used "too much toilet paper", but after some prodding I discovered that he was the one that didn't use enough (complaining about the amount of TP I use when I was the one to buy it is really a dick move )


What is it with men complaining about what you buy with your own money to share? Like do they even listen to themselves? I've known guys who did that to me about stuff I bought for my own use, and we weren't even seeing each other, let alone sharing a household.




Not taking periods into account, in a world where hygiene wasn't a foreign concept for many men tp use should be about even across genders.


My ex would do the “shake it to get the last drops off...and then complain that he got pee drops on his underwear’s. Toilet paper, it’s not hard to use!


I find it really funny that whenever someone does a ask what changed your life for under $50 USD post, a bidet from Amazon usually comes up. Currently redoing my bathroom at the moment and a Japanese toilet is top of the list!


The neo lux bidet is great. I think it's $39? I hate using a restroom anywhere else. It really is that good.


Why funny?


I think because a bidet is not usually one's first thought when asked about "life-changing!"


Thanks for explaining!


Girl that ain’t your boyfriend that’s your ex boyfriend


Last guy I dated reeked of weed. The occasional joint doesn't bother me, but anyone remotely dependent...no thanks. I can't believe it's really so much to ask to want a man to smell good.